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Logo Design & Branding

Simple, Elegant, Smart

Every designer has his forte. When it comes to logo design, mine is for simple, geometric designs that partake of complimentary color schemes...

...and something else that you won’t always find in a logo design because it takes a professional designer to understand it: subliminal suggestion.

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For example, consider the top spec logo design (below) for Seven Restaurant & Nightclub (long-since defunct). See the number 7 incorporated into the capital letter “V”?

Do you also see how the letter “V” is made to resemble a cocktail shaker?

A typical ad agency might charge thousands of dollars for this kind of work, but my motto is one that applies here, as well: Ad Agency Talent for the Small Business Budget.

Logo design is a process and an investment, but my prices are, as my other motto cites: "dirt reasonable!"