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Ad Design

Designs Imbued with the Power to SELL…

Display advertising works, but ad design is an art and a science. Display ads should always be designed by a pro.

Though most publications include the design of your display ads in with the cost of the advertising space, and do a nice job at laying them out, the little-know fact is that staffs at most publications are required to meet a daily quota of ads each day, and hence aren't always able to provide the extra time needed to ensure the best possible results.

Since I’m not “on the clock,” per se,  I have the luxury of taking all the time I need to construct your display ads, making sure they are properly imbued with the power to sell...

Sure, you're hiring me to design an ad that you'd otherwise get included with your ad space, but when you consider the high cost of advertising space, my "dirt reasonable" fees are all but negligible when compared to the cost of running an ad that fails to work.

"Tice's newspaper and magazine ad designs consistently brought customers to my store!"

Lessa Vivian, previous owner of Images, Windsor, CA

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